easyLight - Light frames for infrared heaters


Heat and light in one! What more could you wish for? Now we have the first infrared heater with efficient LED technology! The easyLight light frame encompasses the infrared panel perfectly and provides atmospheric lighting with an extremely pleasant light.

Our easyLight models:


    The light frame for purists, classical down-lighting. Simply switch on the light and your cosy heater also emits a pleasant light.

    Light frame with two LED strips and high light intensity. One light strip beams light upwards creating pleasant indirect illumination. The second light strip beams downwards in the conventional manner providing direct illumination. Both can be switched independently.
  • FRAME Square and FRAME Soft

    FRAME ist the light frame with design claim. FRAME Square is made of an continuous angular frame. The light frame FRAME Soft comes with a continuous rounded frame.


All easyLight variants are to adjust the colour temperatures seemless from 2,500 K (warm white)or 4,500 K (neutral white). The light frames are designed so they are resistant to the heat from the heater and fit flush to the infrared panel. All light frames come with a dimmer.

Of course easyLight can also be retrofitted to all ceiling-mounted infrared panels with U-line elegance frames.

Suitable infrared heaters for easyLight comfort350 and multiplan350
comfortSoft350 and multiplanSoft500
comfort700 and multiplan700
comfort701 and multiplan701
comfort1030 and multiplan1030
comfort1031 and multiplan1031
comfortSoft1000 and multiplanSoft1000
comfort1350 and multiplan1350
comfortSoft1500 and multiplanSoft1500
comfort2000 and multiplan2000

Frame: U-Line-elegance white / oxidised aluminium
Mounting: Ceiling mounting, surface mounting
Illuminant Efficient LED technology, maintenance-free, high resistance to temperature and suitable for the infrared heaters listed
Colour temperature 2,500 K to 4,500 K
ModelseasyLight CLASSIC: Light frame with 1 light strip, main lighting beam downwards at 45°.

easyLight DELUXE: Light frame with 2 light strips. Main lighting beam downwards at 45° and upwards at 45°. Lights can be dimmed and switched independently.
Applications Room lighting for living spaces
Workplace lighting for offices
Ambient light