A new building is a building that is either in the process of planning or under construction or was completed not longer than a few years ago. Modern houses are energy-efficient, flexible yet affordable. Given the lack of available land and high land prices, it is considered a top priority to make optimum use of the available space and build houses as compact as possible. At the same time, the houses must offer their inhabitants the greatest possible comfort.

A new building is characterised by a very low heating load, which usually corresponds to the connected load with an easyTherm infrared heater. This results in low investment costs and consumption-linked costs. There are no operating costs. Another reduction in construction costs arises from the elimination of utility spaces and elaborate floor superstructures for underfloor heating systems.

Your benefits

Particularly in a new building, maximum comfort can be achieved most cost-efficiently with the high-tech infrared heaters from easyTherm.   In almost all cases, the easyTherm solution has the lowest investment costs compared with all other technologies (central heating systems with gas, oil, wood, pellets or heat pump).

The acquisition of a 100% electrical solution (easyTherm infrared heater + solar + energy storage) is usually cheaper in total than a more complex conventional system (pellets or heat pump).