Heating renovation with easyTherm

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The physiologically correct heating system in a house is an important component in creating a sense of well-being. Ideally, it is then also an essential element for design and as a creative element of the interior design. A heating system renovation is an essential element in reducing excessive heating costs and, in addition, it contributes to the technical modernisation of a heating system, which can also bring about absolute freedom from service.

Which heater makes sense?

When choosing a new heating system, it is important to remember that conventional heating systems are composed of heat generation, distribution, delivery systems and controls. The infrared heaters from easyTherm, on the other hand, do not need their own distribution system. Heat generation and output are efficiently combined in one infrared panel, which is why 100% of the (electrical) energy is safely converted into heat and to the highest degree into infrared heat. This alone creates cosy comfort.

Another advantage for renovators is that when heating with the high-tech infrared heating system, all the energy you pay for is converted into heating energy. This happens due to the fact that there are no thermal bridges (boiler - water - heat output).

The unique thermal efficiency of the easyTherm panels brings more efficiency than any other heating system.

Your benefits

The unique thermal efficiency of the easyTherm panels offers more effectiveness than any other heating system. 70% energy yield in the form of heat waves. 96% emitted forward, and a maximum of 4% emitted backward. This means easyTherm reaches far better values than any other manufacturer. In planning meetings with the experts from easyTherm and its partners, the best solution for your project will be discussed and worked out. The impact on the heating system itself are often not quite clear at the beginning. It becomes more specific during this planning phase.

Through the use of a highly efficient infrared heater from easyTherm and by any heat insulation measures, the heating load (which usually corresponds to the connected load with an easyTherm infrared heater) and thus the consumption and consumption costs are reduced. In addition, the comfort increases. You will probably also gain more space because utility rooms, fuel storage and tanks are no longer required.

If local energy generation through photovoltaics and possibly also energy storage is planned, easyTherm develops the optimal heating system for you by including all system parameters in the calculations.

A great advantage is the relatively low expenditure and effort for the conversion to easyTherm. The building can be used even in winter with minimal restrictions.

The easyTherm services

easyTherm and/or its partners are glad to provide the following services for you:

  • Heating design by plan study and examination of the building on site: On the basis of the structural-physical properties of your existing building and any planned refurbishment measures, we calculate the heating load. This then constitutes the basis of our proposal. The heating load calculation remains our property until the time of the order of equipment and systems and/or installations by our partners; it is free of charge and non-binding.
  • In case of order: delivery of of equipment and installation as well as commissioning of the system.
  • Integral planning: At your request, we would be glad to contact your architect or planner. The earlier such collaboration begins, the better a solution can be developed together with the architect/planner – a solution that meets your needs and reflects your personal optimum in comfort, cost-efficiency, energy-efficiency and architectural requirements.