Comfortable warmth and flush mounting? Every infrared heater for flush mounting offers particularly pleasant warmth and is especially suitable for new buildings and in rooms where a comfortable warmth is desired but you cannot or do not want to hang a radiator. The well thought-out and patented design ensures flush mounting in walls or ceilings, which can be carried out quickly and easily.

easyTherm Advantages

  • Flush mounting on the wall or ceiling
  • Highest efficiency according to IEC 60675-3
  • Austrian quality
  • Easy installation.
  • Can be combined with LED light frames.
  • Highly comfortable warmth.
  • The perfect solution for any room size
  • Available in classic white or elegant black.

Highest efficiency and safety

Like all easyTherm infrared heaters, the flush multiplan heaters are also 100% manufactured in Austria.

Alongside the use of high-end materials, we pay special attention to safety: Each individual heater is manufactured and tested for you according to the valid safety guidelines. This results not only in a unique heating efficiency of the heating panels, but also in an extended durability.

The infrared panels for flush mounting


Modern design with particularly high efficiency. The infrared heater can be flush-mounted on the wall as well as on the ceiling. The elegant heating concept guarantees optimum heat transfer to the surroundings and even spread across the living space.

Our infrared heaters of the multiplan and multiplanSoft series provide cosy warmth and are therefore especially recommended in the hand area. All multiplan and multiplanSoft infrared heaters are available in classic white or elegant black. This means that they can either be integrated invisibly or set the scene as a unique visual highlight.

Flush-mounted infrared heating in white or black

Each flush-mounted infrared heater is available in classic white or elegant black. This way, they can either be integrated invisibly or set the scene as a unique visual highlight.

Optimum heating power for every application

You can choose from a variety of different sizes - for optimum adaptation to your needs and your heating requirements. Of course, we will be happy to do the correct sizing for you.

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multiplan350 175 Watt 306 x 606 mm up to 7m²*
multiplan700 350 Watt 606 x 606 mm up to 14m²*
multiplan701 350 Watt 250 x 1206 mm up to 14m²*
multiplan1030 515 Watt 746 x 606 mm up to 20m²*
multiplan1031 515 Watt 376 x 1206 mm up to 20m²*
multiplan1350 675 Watt 976 x 606 mm up to 25m²*
multiplan2000 1000 Watt 1206 x 746 mm up to 40m²*
multiplanSoft500 250 Watt 606 x 606 mm up to 10m²*
multiplanSoft1000 500 Watt 976 x 606 mm up to 20m²*
multiplanSoft1500 750 Watt 1206 x 746 mm up to 30m²*
*with a heating requirement HWB of 66.5 kWh/m²/a

Technical data



Ceiling installation
Wall mounting
Voltage 230 Volt
Protection type IP46
Surfaces Front: special ceramic
Back: 3D bright annealed stainless steel
Surface temperature Front side: max. 100 °C at an ambient temperature of 20 °C
CE-Declaration Electrical equipment
Electromagnetic compatibility
TÜV type test Electrical safety, personal safety, electromagnetic compatibility
IEC 60675-3

Optional: flush-mounted light


Only with easyTherm® is it possible to supplement the flush-mounted infrared heaters of the multiplan and multiplanSoft series with a flush-mounted light frame. The easyLight plan LED light frame provides pleasant room lighting with efficient downward light radiation. Of course, as with every easyTherm® light frame, the light colour and brightness of easyLight plan can also be adjusted - as desired and conveniently by remote control. The light can also be switched on and off via a light switch, so the flush-mounted lighting and heating solution is almost quickly "forgotten" when switched off, i.e. no longer noticed.

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