Heating system refurbishment in two-family house.

Stolz family from Köflach

Customer’s Need:

Replacing the inefficient storage heater with a modern, pleasant and cost-effective heating system.

easyTherm Solution:

Highly efficient infrared panels installed on walls and ceilings with individual room control

PropertyTwo-family house Stolz family
Location8580 Köflach
Year of Manufacture1968
Number of rooms12
Floor space240 m²
Power input14 easyTherm panels, 8 kW
Special FeaturesInstallation without prying open walls
Customer Testimonial“With the easyTherm heating solution, cosy warmth is available at any time of the day. It is visually discreet and expands its functionality perfectly with the existing tiled stove. The storage heater was difficult to control, not very nice to look at and very costly.
Implementing electrical partnerStadtwerke Köflach GmbH, Stadwerkgasse 2, 8580 Koflach, 03144/3470