Single-family house in Vienna

B. family from Vienna Hietzing

Customer’s Need:

Real cosiness, with simple control technology. There is no heat build-up on the upper floor thanks to the open construction.

easyTherm Solution:

In the basement, the infrared panels were partly flush-installed to the wall and ceiling and on the ground floor and upper floor, all infrared panels were fully flush-installed in the suspended ceiling.

PropertySingle-family house (with basement, ground floor and upper floor)
Location1130 Vienna
Year of Manufacture2013
Number of people in the household2
Floor space336 m²
Power input8,625 kW
Total investment costs29,000-- Euro
Special FeaturesThanks to the open construction, the infrared heating is able to provide consistent temperatures between the basement and the upper floor
Provisional heating costs/year estimated at:*approx. 9,300 kWh
*(Calculation in accordance with European standard)
Customer Testimonial"Thanks to the flush installation, the easyTherm infrared heating system can be easily integrated into the general architectural image of the building."
Implementing electrical partnerErge Electronics GmbH., 1120 Vienna