smart home for your easyTherm infrared heater

A smart home makes your life easier. It automates your home, brings safety and comfort. What would be more natural than integrating easyTherm – your future-oriented heating system – with cosy warmth? 

Better and more comfortable

With a good smart home solution, applications are virtually unlimited: 

  • Control your easyTherm infrared heater from any location through your mobile phone or PC.
  • By using the weather forecast, you "tune" your easyTherm infrared heating to the weather prevailing over the next few days.
  • With fuzzy logic, the control gets to know "your" house better and optimises heat-up time, etc.
  • You can control each room individually and optimally.
  • You always know exactly what the consumption is.
  • You optimise your own consumption with photovoltaic solutions
  • and so on and so forth....

You can integrate your easyTherm infrared heating system perfectly with nearly every smart home solution. You'll find four examples below – ask us or our partners for more possibilities and applications. 

With smart control

With the high-control series, easyTherm offers smart control of the high-tech infrared heater with smartphone app!

easyTherm has thought of everything. The room thermostats have week and day programs; the large LC displays are easy to read and show your personal well-being program and other information. The devices can be mounted or simply installed inside a shelf. You can control your easyTherm panels precisely. Wireless control is also possible.

Your heating system is online

With the high-control function, your heater is always ready for you and can be connected to all standard BUS systems (KNX). You can control your heater using an app on your Smartphone or via the local components. This way, you can turn your heater on while in the underground or on a bus, and a nice warm home awaits you. This makes foresighted and clever heating even easier. These control benefits save costs and make for even more home comfort.

Compatible partner solutions

There have been a large number of smart home solutions available on the market for some time now. You'll find two systems below whose quality we know and with which the easyTherm infrared panels work well.