Only easyTherm offers 4 guarantees and unique safety and security.

Anybody opting for a new heating system wants to be sure that no material or manufacturing faults result in a failure of the heater. Even in the cold season, the heater must be able to bring the desired heat to the rooms. Securities are in demand, which only a manufacturer with durable, robust and high-performance products can offer. Every easyTherm production model has its adapted guarantee. All easyTherm series come with a customized warranty. Hereinafter you will find the best easyTherm warranty service reserved for the "comfort" and "multiplan" series.

Safe is safe: with easyTherm quality, you ensure heating reliability for many years. And easyTherm guarantees even the efficiency of its infrared heating!

10 -years full guarantee

Your heating system is designed to run for the next decades, the first 10 years* are covered by a full guarantee on the devices from the production series "comfort" and "multiplan". Design, sale and installation must be carried out by a certified easyTherm partner or directly by the easyTherm plant. The full guarantee contains three other guarantees that fulfil the strict EU directives.

* easyTherm provides a 5-year full guarantee on units in the space series.

Efficiency guarantee

Professional design and installation by your easyTherm partner for the production series "comfort" and "multiplan" give you the efficiency guarantee. Your benefit: Guarantee to reach the desired room temperature. The European standard EN 12831 defines a standard temperature that is emitted depending on the heating environment and the building conditions. easyTherm and its partners ensure that this required standard indoor temperature in rooms is reached reliably.

Safety guarantee

easyTherm guarantees your safety within the scope of the current EU low-voltage directive. This regulation for electrically operated devices confirms the safe character of the heater if used correctly, and its safety for people, pets and objects during operation.

Easy-living guarantee

For the production series "comfort" and "multiplan" easyTherm guarantees freedom from electrosmog according to measurement protocols of biological compatibility. The guarantee is based on an expert opinion of i-bmr expert Dr. Plank of the “Institute for Bioelectricity and Medical Room Coherence Research” on electromagnetic influences. Furthermore, the values of the easyTherm panels correspond to the valid EU directives for electromagnetic compatibility. De facto, an easyTherm panel produces less electrosmog than a bedside lamp.

Requirements for the guarantees

  1. Only with submitted guarantee card, stamped by the contractor the customer.
  2. Only in connection with the easyTherm control system.
  3. The GTC of easyTherm apply .