Wooden holiday home

Bruno Schnedl from Schöder near Murau

Customer’s Need:

No need to transport heavy work equipment up the mountain. CO2-neutral comfortable warmth for guests in harmony with nature.

easyTherm Solution:

Infrared panel with high amount of heat radiation for pure comfort. Easily installed, without great effort.

PropertyBruno Schnedl holiday home
Location8844 Schöder, Rinegg
Year of Manufacture2000
Number of rooms4
Power input2 kW
Customer Testimonial“I was totally convinced by the cosiness, safety and energy efficiency of the easyTherm infrared heating elements. The combination of wood construction and the pleasant heat waves caused by the heating system have a particularly positive effect on the wellbeing of my holidaymakers! The fact that this heating solution also saves energy and was easy to install is another reason why I will be gradually fitting my remaining holiday flats with easyTherm."
Implementing electrical partnerMurauer Stadtwerke GmbH, Bahnhofviertel 27, 8850 Murau