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Heating system refurbishment in Salzburg airport

Replacement of 40 old radiant heaters in the main hall

Customer’s Need:

Radiant heaters with high energy consumption have been used up to now. The unpleasant heat and risk of fire should be replaced by a safe and comfortable source of heat for the employees.

easyTherm Solution:

Installation of infrared panels in the foot area of the workstations at 40 counters in the main hall of the airport. The aims of an efficient use of energy, no fire hazard and comfortable warmth for the employees were achieved.

PropertySalzburg Airport
Location5020 Salzburg, Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 95
In operation sinceOctober 2015
Number of workstations26 check-in counters and 14 ticket counters in the main hall
Power input40 easyTherm panels easyComfort 250, total of 5 kW
Total investment costsaround 12,200 EUR net for the appliances, without installation
Special FeaturesPower input was reduced by 75,000 W . 40 radiant heaters with a capacity of 2000 W. were replaced. These heaters did not only have a high power rating, but were also very unpleasant for the employees because of the fan and the strong heat build-up.
Customer Testimonial“The employees at the counters are very satisfied with the new solution. The infrared panels from easyTherm give a pleasant warmth and we have reduced our power input from 80kW to 5kW!”