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comfortSoft250 - easyTherm infrared heating panel

This high-efficiency, quality infrared heater is our smallest model with the lowest power consumption of 125 W. comfort250 It is particularly well suited to small rooms such as WCs and storage rooms. Tip: Fit underneath desks as an auxiliary heater and never have cold feet again.

Recommended for rooms up to 5 m2 (with a thermal heat demand of 66.5 kWh/m2/a).
The room size varies depending on the room use, structure and personal sensitivity to heat.

Dimensions Softline/wood: 650 mm x 350 mm
U-Line elegance: 606 mm x 306 mm
Weight ca. 5 kg
Mounting Wall/ceiling
Flush installation with easyPlan
Recessed installation box possible
(Please order the ceiling mounting kit as an accessory if required)
Electrical connection 230 Volt, 50 Hz electrical power, 1.90 m connection cable with Schuko plug
Power consumption 125 Watts
Protection class IP46
Surfaces Front side: Special ceramic
Rear side: 3D bright-annealed stainless steel
Surface temperature Front side: max. 85 °C with an ambient temperature of 20 °C
CE declaration per 2006/95/EC: Electrical equipment
per 2004/108/EC: Electromagnetic compatibility
TÜV type approval Electrical safety, personal safety, electromagnetic compatibility
Freedom from electrosmog