Swap your oil heater

Practically no decisions in favour for an oil heater are made anymore in new buildings. The reason is clear: Oil is a fossil fuel, which is usually delivered from crisis regions across thousands of kilometres. The requirements for oil tanks are high for obvious reasons, and no one wants to have the subtle smell of oil in their home.

When a home is refurbished and the oil heating system is replaced by an easyTherm infrared heater in an existing building, accurate calculation is indispensable: what does the repair of the old oil system cost, and what does it cost to convert to easyTherm? Give us your data, and we'll do the math for you! Without charge and without obligation for you! At any rate and without any calculating: by replacing your old system with a highly efficient infrared heater from easyTherm, you will enjoy the unique easyTherm living climate for well-being and health in the future. All radiators will be removed and cannot become dusty anymore. The power line to all rooms already exists: A connection to existing electricity lines is in every room.

Your benefits from the easyTherm solution

  • The most important benefit is that you will enjoy the increased comfort of a radiation heater compared to the air heating of a central heating. As with a tiled stove, it gets cosy and warm!
  • Operating costs for service and maintenance.
  • A lifetime of worry-free heating with easyTherm.
  • No moving parts, therefore no wear and no noise.
  • Much lower acquisition costs or much lower refitting costs.
  • Hence lower total cost (which include acquisition, operation and consumption).
  • No more radiators on the walls.
  • Much less whirling dust. Odourless.
  • Significantly better eco-balance.

Heaters in comparison