Pellet heating compared to easyTherm

Biomass (wood), especially pellets, are seen as a renewable resource and therefore as "CO2neutral". Do you have a basement where pellets grow?

Trees grow, but they only grow back with reforestation and adequate care. In addition, it takes a considerable time until the biomass burnt before (not after!) has grown again. The released CO2 as the principal greenhouse gas is in the atmosphere during that whole time of growing again, unfolding its damaging effect. In addition, around 20% of the energy content of pellets in the basement are needed for getting them into the basement in the first place – usually energy from fossil fuels.

A pellet boiler and pellet bunkers need space. 10 m² are consumed quickly, and at a cost of approx. €1,500.00 per m² building, this means €15,000.00 increased construction costs before owning a single one of the components of the heating system.

Lots of moving mechanicals and drives (just think of the pellet supply through the spindle) requires a lot of energy (electricity) and maintenance – and spare parts, of course, when something breaks.

The idea of sustainability is made a mockery of by the clearance of entire forests ! The ORF documentary: "Europe on the Wrong Track" has shown these facts impressively.

Your benefits from the easyTherm solution

  • The most important benefit is that you will enjoy the increased comfort of a radiation heater compared to the air heating of a central heating. As with a tiled stove, it gets cosy and warm!
  • Operating costs for service and maintenance.
  • A lifetime of worry-free heating with easyTherm.
  • No moving parts, therefore no wear and no noise.
  • Significantly lower expenditure for installation: No chimney, utility room and fuel storage required. Far lower acquisition costs.
  • Hence lower total cost (which include acquisition, operation and consumption).
  • No exposure to fine dust.
  • Better ecological balance because over 90% green electricity are available from renewable sources in the Austrian network.
  • Can be combined with photovoltaic and power storage devices.

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