Heat properly or burn up fuel? Look for yourself!

Comparison of the various heating systems. We do not promise anything we cannot deliver. Regrettably, that doesn't go without saying in our times.

Professional advice helps save energy

Our experience has shown that making calculations based on objective standards leads to the most significant results. The "economic comparative calculation for energy systems” (ÖN M7140) offers a complete representation of your cost-benefit calculation.

Good news – we do the math for you

All essential cost factors are taken into account with a professional heating design such as is included in the service package of easyTherm and its partners:

  • Acquisition costs –
  • financial costs
  • Operating costs for service, maintenance, delivery, storage
  • Consumption costs depending on the thermal heat requirement

A comparison of operating costs already shows that maintenance-free heating with electricity from the socket saves considerable energy. This system decreases the heating requirement, since radiant heat offers a quicker and better sense of well-being.