Infrared and Health

We need infrared to live

People need infrared. Long-wave infrared is as important as the air for breathing.
In nature, we are constantly surrounded by it. Life would not exist without these healthy wavelengths of sunlight.

easyTherm infrared heaters produce precisely those waves that warm us up gently and pleasantly from the inside. Unlike ultraviolet waves, let alone X-rays, infrared waves are completely harmless. They are easy and gentle on the skin and even have a therapeutic effect.

The secret is infrared C

The term "infrared" (infra, Latin = below, underneath) refers to a range of electromagnetic radiation that is below the red end of the visible light spectrum.
easyTherm infrared heaters use infrared C waves only.  The long-wave infrared C with 5—15 μm has a high effective depth, warms muscles and organs gently and pleasantly, i.e. the body is warmed from the inside to the outside. This infrared radiation is the best way to supply the body with heat.

A healthy indoor climate

We spend at least two-thirds of our life in closed rooms. The indoor climate – quality of the air in the room, humidity and temperature –  plays a vital role for our health and well-being. easyTherm infrared heaters ensure an ideal indoor climate: comfortable warmth from everywhere, virtually no air movement and ideal humidity that determines in a special way whether we feel comfortable in a room . A lack of humidity dries out the mucous membranes, so bacteria and viruses, for instance, spread far faster and can bring about a cold. Excessive humidity, on the other hand, develops when the room is not aired frequently enough. It is often perceived as oppressive.

Prevention of mould

The formation of mould in houses and flats has become more and more of a problem in recent years. The increasingly airtight design of the building shell, completely sealed windows and lower room temperatures to conserve energy are the underlying causes. Other reasons are the wrong kind of ventilation as well as structural defects that create moisture in the house. Mould in living quarters can damage the health of inhabitants permanently and cause damage to furnishings and to the building structure. easyTherm infrared heaters draw moisture from the walls; the walls are dry, and mould can be prevented and even eliminated. An important contribution to your health.

Safe against electrosmog

Electrosmog (from "electric" and "smog") is a term for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields that are in some cases suspected of negatively affecting people and the environment.
The results of tests conducted by Graz University of Technology show that easyTherm infrared heaters have excellent electrobiological properties. Tangible example: easyTherm infrared panels produce far less smog than conventional bedside lamps. With easyTherm, you can feel comfortable and safe all around. With many low-cost infrared electric heaters, smog pollution is high.

Hygiene & ventilation

Unlike conventional heating systems, no dirt or dust accumulates in easyTherm infrared heaters. easyTherm infrared heaters can be easily cleaned, are absolutely hygienic and suitable even for use in hospitals. For ideal, healthy room air during the cold season, we recommend replacing the air in the room several times a day by airing out the room. With conventional heating systems, valuable heat is lost by the airing. The advantage of infrared heaters: They require basically less airing; and, owing to the heated objects and walls, the room is heated comfortably again quite quickly and in an energy-saving way.

What our customers experienced in terms of health at a glance

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increase of blood circulation to the skin
  • Stimulation of the metabolism
  • Asthma patients and allergy sufferers benefit from low-dust air and constant humidity.
  • Rheumatoid patients respond very positively to lack of air circulation and a constant humidity and have less pain.
  • Contact lens wearers tolerate a low-dust and constant humidity far better.

Note: All health statements on these pages are not statements on healing. We only give an account of what our customers experienced.