Warmth from everywhere

Heat waves also ensure secondary emission from the walls, ceiling and floor – pleasant heating from all around. This is crucial for well-being. For a felt temperature of 21°C, you actually need a room temperature of about 18°C. 

No cold feet

Depending on the room height, traditional heating systems using heated air create rising temperatures, since warm air flows upwards. This means cold feet and a nice and toasty ceiling – in other words, expensive useless warmth at the ceiling.

easyTherm offers warmth without a draught. 

In heated rooms, you feel most comfortable the smaller the difference is between surface temperatures and the air temperature. True infrared heaters with a great radiation efficiency meet this requirement. High-quality infrared panels heat do not heat up the air for the most part but, instead, they heat up room shell, surfaces and people themselves.

Optimal humidity

Heat waves allow the humidity of the warmer walls to be emitted into the cooler air.

The advantages it entails are a pleasant air humidity that is better for the respiratory system and dry walls that are resistant to mould formation. 

No moist walls with infrared

Conventional heating systems heat the air more than the walls. This is why humidity contained in the air is absorbed by the walls. This leads to dry air, moist walls that offer poor thermal insulation and even mould formation (especially in the corners and behind furniture).

easyTherm heat waves prevent all this.