Radiant heat – as natural as the sun

Imagine you are sitting outside in natural surroundings. Solar radiation warms you nicely. You are blissfully relaxed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring this pleasant feeling to your living quarters?

Your wish comes true with a real infrared heater. Because it radiates infrared heat just like the sun has been doing since the beginning of time – the most natural radiant heat in the world.

1°C is 1°C – right?

We say no!

Think of a ski lodge. The sun is shining, and you sit outside at minus 12 degrees on the terrace. It is quite nice and cosy despite the freezing temperature.



But plus 12 degrees can be perceived as "freezing cold".
How can that be?
The magic word here is radiant heat. If it's missing, we are not comfortable!

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