Wave and effect: High tech provides better heating.

Unique construction

Thanks to its unique construction and the use of high-quality materials, easyTherm is a leader in terms of effectiveness and energy efficiency. The ceramic surface is unique in the entire world, and offers an efficient emission of heat waves. This results in Well-being and relaxation thanks to a healthy living climate. 


When heating with a high-tech infra-red heating system, the entire energy for which you pay is transformed into thermal heat, since there are no thermal bridges (central heating boiler – water – heat output). Radiant heat warms up people directly, it generates a more individual heat sensation with less ambient heat, thus lowering the actual thermal heat consumption. Using radiant heat allows you to save about 25%-35% in energy – which is only possible with easyTherm’s high-tech infra-red heating system. 

Draughts are a thing of the past

Infrared heats up floors, ceilings and walls, The room climate is free from air circulation, dust swirls, and the air quality is considerably better. Air humidity is retained and heat is emitted evenly. Rooms are warmed up evenly – no hot heads and no cold feet. Even the formation of mould is made difficult or eliminated.

The unique heating efficiency of the easyTherm panels offers more effectiveness than any other heating system.

  • 70% energy yield in the form of heat waves
  • 96% emitted forward, and
  • a maximum of 4% emitted backward

This means easyTherm reaches far better values than any other manufacturer. The reduced convection (air movement) greatly contributes to comfort. You will be spared draughts and swirling dust.

Radiant efficiency significantly exceeds the IEC 60675-3 standard

The IEC 60675-3 standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines clear guidelines and procedures for determining the radiant efficiency of direct electric heaters, especially infrared heaters. Radiant efficiency is a critical quality factor for these heaters, which measures the efficiency of heat output via thermal radiation and thus indicates how much of the supplied electrical power is actually transferred to the surfaces of the room as effective infrared radiation output.

According to Dr Peter Kosack from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, to be considered a genuine infrared heater, the radiant efficiency must be above 40%. Thanks to their radiation-optimised design, all easyTherm® infrared heaters clearly exceed the radiation efficiency required by the IEC 60675-3 standard. This guarantees unrivalled efficiency and optimum heat transfer, thus ensuring low power consumption.