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3 waves – different effects

The spectrum of infrared radiation is wide; this range of electromagnetic waves is divided into IR-A (short-wave infrared from red-glowing radiators), IR-B and IR-C (long-wave IR). While short-wave infrared is likely to be found in infrared cabins at the sauna where people want to sweat excessively, IR-C is needed for room heaters, which corresponds to the thermal radiation of every surface in our surroundings, which permanently affects us. People stay dry and the distribution in the room works best this way.

According Planck's radiation law, all surfaces emit infrared radiation continuously. The wavelength range of the IR-C is the most comfortable, with the greatest effective depth. Heat waves affecting us gently trigger feelings of comfort, cosiness and well-being. The principle is ancient: Since the sun's rays have been hitting the Earth, all living beings on our planet draw their energy from it. Nature tricks us by the pleasure principle to turn to what's necessary: If something affects living beings that feels good to them, feelings of happiness are triggered. When you use easyTherm, you will notice it.

Many infrared heating suppliers – one optimal solution

There are established quality criteria for infrared heating in Austria. The more radiation, the better the desired effects: Comfort and the energy conservation. Not only the great radiation efficiencybut also the rapid response time (expressed by the heating-up time invariable) are essential characteristics for the function as an infrared heater.

Determining radiation efficiency

Method for determining radiation efficiencyLimit valueeasyThermfulfilledother manufacturersfulfilled
Calculation acc. to the Stefan–Boltzmann law* PS=ε*σS⋅A⋅(T4-TU4)> 50%60-70% 30%
EN 416-2/419-2*> 50%58% 28%
PANEIA industrial standard
(PANEIA = PAN-European Infrared Alliance) currently in development
> 40% absolute
> 58% effective
> 40% absolute
> 58% effective
< 40% absolute
< 58% relative
Warm-up time*< 15 min6.2 min16.5 min

More exact measurements and definitions are currently in development. The guide values indicated here come from independent specialised institutes. As technological leader, easyTherm stays up-to date with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

*) Definition of the Austrian Service Book for Building Services  LB-HT 010 ULG 1314 (published by BM WfW – The Federal Ministry of Economics, Research and Science).

No hot air with easyTherm!

In infrared heaters, as with all electric heaters, 100% of the electrical energy is converted into heat. With easyTherm, the greater part goes to the radiant heat and only a small portion into the warming up of the air. Only this fact causes cosy comfort. However, not all suppliers of infrared heaters master this aspect: Some heat up the air so much that regular airstreams develop due to the rising heat (convection). This can be recognised by so-called convection plumes – soot marks on the walls. 

With easyTherm, the air remains unmoved, fresh and free of contaminants, swirling dust and convection plumes. One benefit that is appreciated not only by allergy sufferers.

Heater on the ceiling. Is that possible?

If a heating system like easyTherm radiates optimally, i.e. with great radiation efficiency and the right wavelength, you can install the heater on the ceiling. Hot air rises, but easyTherm radiates and barely heats the air. This way, the heat also comes from the top downwards.

The advantages of this:

  • the floor is heated
  • the feet are the first to feel the warmth and
  • you are free in the design of your room because there is no device installed on the walls. This means freedom for your furniture.

easyTherm infrared heaters also meets all criteria for comfort:

  • uniform and even distribution of the room temperature since no hot air rises
  • as much radiation heat as possible in the room
  • no air movement
  • pleasant humidity even in heated rooms during the winter.

This way, the highest level of comfort is created with the lowest possible energy consumption. Your wallet benefits from it!