easy towards the goal – with sound consultancy from experts

Buying a heating system is a matter of trust and an investment for many years. 

For this, easyTherm offers sound expert advice – step by step. 

Consultancy and calculation is based on EU standard 12831. This standardised calculation brings reliable results with empirical values from many thousands of housing projects.

The reliable and safe way to the right heating system.

  • Initial contact

    Call easytherm, pay us a visit, use the contact form or send an e-mail

  • On site appointment

    Appointment with one of our employees or your easyTherm partner directly at your premises and thorough discussion of your wants.

  • Project planning:

    Measurement or inspection of the building plan by our experts

  • Product selection

    Selection of equipment, the desired design and control as well as discussion of possible installation sites

  • Calculation and proposal

    Your individual easyTherm solution will be designed in conformity with standard EN 12831. One of our employees or a trained and certified easyTherm partner calculates the exact heating load on the basis of all structural facts, the climate on site and your living habits.

  • Installation and commissioning

    Your easyTherm partner will install the system correctly and professionally and put it into operation.

  • Well-being

    After acceptance, you will enjoy the unrivalled easyTherm comfort – with a guarantee, to boot.