Comfort thanks to quality.

What makes us different:

  • Body made of silicon oxide – environmentally-compatible recycled glass
  • Heating wires made of 6,000 carbon fibres – durable high-tech solution
  • Surface made of ceramics – patented coating
  • 96% radiation frontwards – heats the room, not the wall
  • Comprehensive system consultancy included 

No radiation stops

easyTherm panels produce precisely those waves that warm us up gently and pleasantly from the inside and ensure an optimum level of the radiation effect. This excludes some things that might act as a radiation stop.

That's why we use as a surface material

  • no glass
  • no painted metal  
  • no mirrors

or other materials that shield too much of the effect. The only sensible material for the surface is made of ceramic materials – easyTherm has perfected and patented it with PolyVision®. 

Thanks to its unique construction and the use of high-quality materials, easyTherm is a leader in terms of effectiveness and energy efficiency.

This results in Well-being and relaxation thanks to a healthy living climate. 

Infrared is not always the same

There are big differences between the individual suppliers

Best overall solution

Best overall solution for your home

A heating system perfectly adapted to your living situation.