• 1.7.2016 July

    Since 01/07/2016 easyTherm has been a supply partner of the expert group in Austria. The more than 170 Austrian members of the internationally successful expert group are predominantly active in the field of commercial electrical installations.

  • 3.5.2016 May

    In May 2016 our new website was launched “online”! With its modern design and ability to host all kinds of devices, it not only offers the interested users information about easyTherm and the products, but also comprehensive information on the subject of "heating with infrared" in general. Keeping in line with the easyTherm focus: comprehensive and serious information!

  • 1.1.2016 January

    5,000 fans and 500 partners: The easyTherm fan community is steadily growing. 5,000 fans on Facebook is a figure to be proud of and is further proof of customer satisfaction! This is also caused by the tight network of dedicated partners in Austria among other things. Around 500 partners work with us daily to offer and install a truly comfortable heating system for their customers; this includes a distinct cost advantage!

  • 1.12.2015 December

    Founding of PANEIA Austria (PAN-European Infrared Alliance): The PAN-European Infrared Alliance is an association of infrared suppliers, contractors, planners, developers, environmental associations and it aims to promote renewable energies for affordable and healthy living and work through the use of electro-infrared heating systems, as well as helping to develop standards, design methods and quality standards concerning electro-infrared heating technology. The chairman is DI Günther Hraby.

  • 1.11.2015 November

    easyTherm can be found in the programme of several prefabricated companies. Wolf-Haus, Rubner, GT-Haus, Haas-Haus and other renowned manufacturers offer their customers maximum comfort at a low price for the heating. This is then combined with photovoltaics and therefore provides the most environmentally friendly solution.

  • 1.8.2015 August

    Further expansion of the competence centre: The production area is enlarged by half once again. Further office spaces are designed and set up. easyTherm prepares itself in order to be able to serve the customers quickly and reliably even during the busy autumn rush.

  • 1.7.2015 July

    35 employees: The company is once again expanding through the amalgamation of easyTherm and easyTherm Vienna. Vienna is run as a branch office. The partnership is proceeding expeditiously and around 5,000 satisfied customers use easyTherm as their main heating system.

  • 1.4.2015 April

    Change in ownership structure: Reinhard Burger retired from his position as managing director and owner; Thomas Buliczek is now joint owner alongside Gerfried Burger and Günther Hraby.

  • 1.3.2015 March

    New OIB guideline 6: Guideline 6 of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB) describes thermal insulation and energy efficiency of buildings, thereby implementing EU framework guidelines. In the 2015 edition, the use of the easyTherm systems in new building is considerably simplified. This gives customers in the area of new building quicker and much easier access to their easyTherm solution

  • 1.7.2014 July

    New installation in the Unterwart Competence Centre: More customers and a significant increase in sales mean that more production space is required at the competence centre The production area is doubled in terms of surface area. Further automation and testing technology is also being invested in. Safety and customer service is the top priority.

  • 1.7.2013 July

    Location in Vienna: easyTherm Vienna is founded. Initially, 3 regional sales managers run the eastern part of Austria under separate management. easyTherm is getting more and more popular and famous!

  • 1.4.2013 April

    Participation in 15 building fairs: Presence at trade fairs is continually being developed. Practically all the major building fairs in Austria are exhibited for the first time in this season. Hundreds of contacts with new customers are made. All remain satisfied fans.

  • 1.1.2013 January

    The 20th employee and the 200th partner under contract: Consistent development of the market, continuous further development of customer service and assurance of the quality of products mean that more and more electrical engineers in Austria are passing the training program and successfully bringing future-oriented easyTherm technology to the customer as a certified easyTherm partner. More and more customers are looking forward to enjoying the easyTherm benefits: Increased comfort and therefore more energy and cost savings.

  • 1.1.2013 January

    5th place at Energy Globe Award 2013 in Burgenland: The award was presented to the management by vice-governor, Franz Steindl, and founder of the Energy Globe Association, engineer Wolfgang Neumann, in the presence of prominent figures from politics and business Once again, this award proves to many sceptics that heating with electrical energy is particularly ecological, if it is combined with highly efficient easyTherm systems.

  • 1.10.2012 October

    Innovation Prize Burgenland 2012: The easyTherm artWarming series shows art in limited edition – fired in indestructible ceramic colours and with optimal heat radiation effect. This innovation is appreciated accordingly and is awarded by the state governor of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, and vice-governor Franz Steindl.

  • 1.9.2012 September

    Energy festival 2012: Prominent participants arrive at the Unterwart site. The public will be given access to an exhibition on energy efficiency in advance. Around 600 interested guests take part..

  • 1.7.2012 July

    Participation in the creation of regulatory and normative documents in Austria: There is much to do. Not everything found on the market gives sufficient radiant heat. Which appliances are really allowed to call themselves "infrared heating"? How is this measured? How does this affect laws and heating requirements? How is this displayed correctly on the energy certificate? A task that will take years begins...

  • 1.4.2012 April

    Participation in the "Long Night of Research": The "Long Night of Research" brings research close to an interested audience. easyTherm developed a demonstrator, which tangibly shows how much construction and material selection with the same electrical power consumption affect radiation. Some serious errors built-in: virtually no radiation is felt; if it’s done right: comfort is felt immediately. The ORF radiates many noticed contributions.

  • 1.3.2012 March

    Membership as an e-brand premium brand partner at e-brand Austria: The e-brand Austria represents an association of the best electrical technicians in Austria. Members are also wholesale trade and industry, who meet the high quality requirements. The membership intensifies the cooperation between easyTherm and the implementing electrical engineers with the end result being increased customer use. The easyTherm training programme is taught at the E-Academy.

  • 1.11.2011 November

    Innovation Prize Burgenland 2011: The easyTherm systems are honoured by the state governor of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, and vice-governor Franz Steindl. An important prerequisite of this was the high-quality domestic production of appliances in order to achieve optimal radiation properties for the highest level of comfort with maximum energy savings.

  • 1.10.2011 October

    Start of cooperation with the European Centre for Renewable Energy (eee) Güssing: The biomass leaders (first and foremost engineer Reinhard Koch) of Austria have developed the “Güssing model", which can be found in the government declarations of Japan and California. Although (and precisely because) the group surrounding Reinhard Koch intensively deals with biomass utilisation, the visionaries realise that biomass is not to be burnt ignorantly, but must be intelligently convert into electricity and, at best, the resulting waste heat is to be used for heating. Highly efficient heating with electricity through easyTherm and biomass are therefore not in contradiction, but complement one another!

  • 1.10.2011 October

    1st year celebration in the presence of prominent figures from politics and business: Our 1st year celebration provokes an impressive response. There are about 150 guests from the worlds of political and business in attendance at the festival evening. This celebration is later developed into an energy festival, which is expanding into an institution in the region.

  • 1.9.2011 September

    First prize at Energy Globe Award: The award was presented to the management by vice-governor, Franz Steindl, and founder of the Energy Globe Association, engineer Wolfgang Neumann, in the presence of prominent figures from politics and business. Once again, this award proves to many sceptics that heating with electrical energy is particularly ecological, if it is combined with highly efficient easyTherm systems.

  • 1.8.2011 August

    Start of intensive trade fair appearances. At the beginning, the Kleingarten trade fair in Vienna is on the programme; shortly followed by the Hauslbauer trade fair in Graz. The visitors, who have arrived in numbers much greater than expected, still need to be made aware of what infrared means, that infrared can be used for heating and that we do not sell picture frames. The white or coloured surfaces with frames are actually appliances, which also give out infrared heat radiation in the most comfortable wavelength range!

  • 1.9.2010 September

    Series production starts and delivery begins. The first project (an old Viennese flat building) is gives customers high satisfaction. Essential infrastructure for the business process (such as material management and cost accounting) is set up.

  • 1.8.2010 August

    The Eisenstadt location (company headquarters) and Unterwart location (competence centre with development, production, logistics and sales) are moved into with 9 employees. A decision of great importance: the high-quality production takes place in Austria and in our own factory. This means high investment costs, but ensures that reproducible quality can be produced with the largest customer benefits.

  • 1.5.2010 May

    The company is formally founded by the partnership agreement of 3 private individuals (Gerfried and Reinhard Burger, DI Günther Hraby), more than 4 years before research and development was conducted on the most effective infrared heating panels. The studies into how heating energy could be saved took the longest, since one year had to pass before a comparison of annual consumption could be made.

  • 1.6.2006 June

    Installation of the first system with Magna Steyr in Sinabelkirchen/Austria: Here, in regards to protective wood finish drying in the automotive sector, hot air drying by infrared is replaced by easyTherm. Sensational energy savings (around 90%) and quality results are achieved. Subsequently, studies on the use of technology as residential heating are undertaken (at that time still as a sole traders)

Our facility in Unterwart