Objective expert opinions – personal safety and security

Facts count: easyTherm benefits are scientifically proven. The most important feature of the infrared heater is its capability of emitting intensely the right heat waves. easyTherm panels exploit approx. 98% of the theoretically maximum heat emission.

This and many other benefits have been proven in studies. That makes easyTherm so unique.

Utility model protection

The easyTherm technology is protected by design protection and utility model protection that were granted: this and the use of proprietary materials as well as the special construction are the reasons that easyTherm is tried-and-tested and unique. Four intensive years of research and development have led to this result. And that is something we can be proud of!

Austrian design protection 60333, 60334, 60335, 57740, 57741.57742, 57743
Austrian utility patentGM 439/2011, GM 13338
Trade mark protection260058
European patents EP 1800521*
*under examination

Expert opinions

  • Forschungsbericht_der_TU-Kaiserslautern.pdf Verified high effectiveness of the principle and thus an excellent energy efficiency result in energy conservation of up 70%
  • Technische_Anmerkung_von_Prof_Paschke.pdf Proven durability and excellent controllability enable on-demand control and lead to energy conservation and cost savings
  • Langzeittest_Studie_der_Magna_Steyr.pdf The long-term testing of Magna Steyr shows cost savings through verified durability
  • Gutachten_i-bmr_Dr._Plank_comfort_1000_Nichtfachleute.pdf Gutachten des Instituts für Bioelektrizität und medizinische Raumkohärenzforschung Dr. Plank für Nichtfachleute: Ermittlung des elektrobiologischen Emissionsprofils des Infrarot-Paneels comfort1000
  • Ursprungsnachweis_der_Materialien.pdf Using the best materials yields durability, a high-quality look and thus increases the value of the investment. Development and production in Austria and components from the EU safeguard European jobs, reduce transport distances and thus protect the environment.
  • Prüfung der Ballwurfsicherheit
    Prüfung-der-Ballwurfsicherheit-TÜV-Rheinland.pdf easyTherm hat den easyPlan Einbaukasten, die comfort-Paneele sowie die Industriepaneele auf die Ballwurfsicherheit nach DIN 18032-3:1997-04 vom TÜV Rheinland prüfen lassen und die Prüfung bestanden. Die Infrarotheizungen sind somit für den Einsatz in Sport-, Turn- und Veranstaltungshallen bestens geeignet.



  • Studie_Einfamilienhaeuser.pdf The comparison of the annual overall costs (consisting of acquisition costs, operating costs and consumption costs) of central heating systems (oil, gas, pellets and heat pump) with those of the easyTherm system shows that easyTherm turns out to be the most cost-efficient system in 3 different types of single-family houses (passive house to refurbished standard house).
  • Vergleichsstudie-Elektrokonvektion_vs_easyTherm.pdf Graz University of Technology came to the conclusion that easyTherm has a 22% lower energy demand. If the system is set to an even comfortable temperature, the convection heating system needs 43% more energy than the infrared heater by easyTherm.