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easyPlan flush-mounting installation box

Recessed installation box for flush-mounting of infrared heating panels; made from galvanised steel sheet; extra-strong professional construction; brackets; sealing tape; edging profiles for dry installation included. Socket part of the heater tie included.

Product name ModelWeightOrder code
easyPlanDV for comfortSoft250 and comfort350
Vertical wall and ceiling mounting
3.5 kgX03.D001V
easyPlanC for comfortSoft500 and comfort700
Wall and ceiling mounting
6 kgX03.C001VH
easyPlanGH for comfortSoft750 and comfort1030
Horizontal wall mounting
10.5 kgX03.G001H
easyPlanHH for comfortSoft751 and comfort1031
Horizontal wall mounting
10.5 kgX03.H001H
easyPlanHVfor comfortSoft751 and comfort1031
Vertical wall and ceiling mounting
10.5 kgX03.H001V
easyPlanBH for comfortSoft1000 and comfort1350
Horizontal wall and ceiling mounting
12 kgX03.B001H
easyPlanBV for comfortSoft1000 and comfort1350
Vertical wall mounting
12 kgX03.B001V
easyPlanAH for comfortSoft1500 and comfort2000
Horizontal wall and ceiling mounting
16 kgX03.A001H
easyPlanAV for comfortSoft1500 and comfort2000
Vertical wall mounting
16 kgX03.A001V