ceramicPrint - the innovation in picture heaters

With the help of a new technology easyTherm has been able to burn personal, individual images  onto the easyTherm infrared heaters. ceramicPrint - the innovation in picture heaters

  • Your favourite image is burned into the ceramic surface in a complex multi-stage process
  • The excellent radiating characteristics of the easyTherm infrared heaters are 100% retained
  • High quality and long life for your image
  • Cosy and healthy warmth - no emission of unhealthy substances as can be the case with cheaper printing processes or with images that are bonded in place.
  • Individual design for your home.

ceramicPrint - the background story

From the very beginning it was clear to the easyTherm engineers: the surface must be ceramic so that the thermal effectiveness is as high as possible, the thermal comfort develops perfectly and as a result energy would be saved. With monochromatic surfaces, this was in place from the very beginning with easyTherm. Then 2 years ago artWarming was brought to life. But our engineers kept pushing further: after intensive development phases and product tests, any subjects, images or photos can now be applied to suit customers’ wishes with the unique easyTherm radiation. The solution is called ceramicPrint!


Getting your favourite heater is simple

  • Select your easyTherm infrared panel. An easyTherm partner or an easyTherm team member will be delighted to advise you with your selection. Get in touch with us.
  • Send us your preferred image in a standard image format (jpg, png, tif, etc.) and with suitable resolution to anfrage(at)easy-therm.com. Small tip: A data size > 3 MB is an indication of a resolution that is generally adequate
  • You will receive your personal ceramicPrint infrared panel - a unique high-quality piece. Ideally suited as a gift.

After creating your personal, high-quality easyTherm infrared panel, we destroy the image data that we received from you - this way the unique quality of the product remains guaranteed!

Please note that the original file must have a high resolution (300 dpi; in general this requirement is met by images > 3 MB). Please note that we do not carry out any image processing. easyTherm assumes no liability for phototechnical influences stemming from the original, such as blur, etc. Since ceramic is a natural material, we cannot be responsible for colour reproduction. easyTherm does not verify the rights of third parties (rights to images); liability for this rests with the customer. Costs are indicated exclusive of any license fees. After production, all the image files you sent us shall be irreversibly deleted, and shall thus no longer be available for further orders.
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